I've been creating since I can remember... and can't remember! When I was a toddler I painted my parent's white sofa with foundation and colored on the table linens at Darrel's Restaurant.
As I grew so did my canvas. I finger painted my dad's shed. I cut Barbie's bangs...even after I realized that they wouldn't grow back. I cut my OWN bangs with non safety scissors in a MOVING VAN on a bumpy road trip #rebelchild. I tied yarn on every door knob and banister through out the entire house to build a ginormous fort (sometimes preventing my dad from opening the front door when he got home from work).
I have a history of making a mess; I always liked to think of it as art. But one day it got out of control. A lot of disobeying occurred and a punishment was approaching me. My room was a disaster and every time I was asked to clean up I would shove everything under my bed (I can't remember how old I was but definitely old enough to properly clean up my own messy room). My parents had enough and I had it coming. They came into my room holding paper bags with "Goodwill" written in Sharpie and started getting the mess taking care of once and for all #parentinggoals. I watched the whole thing. And while it was sad to see my toys being taken away it was only when they picked up my toy camera that it got serious. The chunky blue plastic camera with the yellow lens and red strap.
The way I made it click when I set up my stuffed animals to be photographed. How it made every outfit in the dress up become a photographer #MightyMorhpinPinkPhotographerRanger
I didn't even know how much that one toy meant to me until it was taken away. I still kick myself over that moment-how that one decision to not clean my room resulted in losing what now might be my most sentimental possession as a child because of how far I've come.

As time passed I was always doodling when bored and water coloring in my free time. I was very much encouraged to pursue this area of art...but being a shy kid the encouragement was more intimidating than exciting. I really missed that camera. I picked up a pair of needles and Red-Heart yarn and taught myself to knit. For years this kept me occupied, and as I became an adult I realized it's something I truly cannot live without. It's a gift I have been given and a passion I will always have. But more recently I have re-found my equal passion for photography. As I travel and meet people I fall so in love with the art that nature is by itself. Coloring is always fun, and you'll see me drooling over wool like it's the new Apple(insert latest technology here)____, but there is something so beautiful about looking at the mountains and realizing there is no human on this planet that could ever come close to replicate how beautifully and wonderfully this world was made. My goal is to capture this world in all its beauty, to live my fullest for the time that I am here, and to glorify the Creator of it all. 


When not photographing or knitting you'll find me goofing it up with my husband Thomas, cooking, eating, reading a book or blog, shooting arrows, hanging with three sassy little ladies(follow the hashtag #ShannyTheNanny), watching videos of animals(mostly dogs of course), getting coffee with friends at a different local coffee shop all over Richmond(because Richmond knows how bad our habits are), thrifting, knitting for myself, playing board games, lawn games or just taking a stroll! 
I have serious FOMO when it comes to traveling. I want to go everywhere and see everything and eat all the food!