Hello there!

Welcome to my very first blog entry!

Today I thought I'd start off with 10 facts about myself;

1) I am 20 years old

2) I have a twin brother who is a beautiful musician. You will see lots of him on this site!

3) I love dogs. You will also see a lot of dogs on this site. I really just love animals in general.

4) I enjoy cooking when I have the time to. Lately it's been anything Asain!

5) I am the slowest reader alive but absolutely love to snuggle up with some tea and a book. I
prefer books over television...most of the time. 

6) If you read my bio(the "shannon" page) you will notice that I knit. I don't go into much detail about how important that is to me on that page, but knitting is medicine to me. I'm not super great at it but I so enjoy it.

7) Another hobby of mine is Archery! I mentioned wanting to learn to my boyfriend and he being a woodworker started making bows for us! He was a keeper.

8) So I married that boyfriend, the woodworker, the keeper. He is my very best friend.

9) Did I mention that he is a woodworker? Well we are going to build ourselves a TINY HOUSE!! It's going to be a while but we are dedicated and beyond excited to get started! I hope to start a blog series about it onces things start rolling. So stay tuned for that!

10) I love foreign missions. It combines traveling, experiencing different cultures, food, languages, nature, stretching your comfort zone, learning, sacrificing, giving and making a difference all one thing. My heart has a thing for missions.

Well thats a little glimps of myself and hints at future topics for now. 

Thanks for stopping by!