Adult Responsibilities and Words of Thanks

Taking a break. Milking Autumn for all its worth.

A lot has been happening in my life lately. Adult things that I just can't seem to fully wrap my mind around. For example my second wedding anniversary is a month from today! Is that crazy or what?
People often tell me that I am ahead of my years and some days I agree. Then other days I feel like I have no clue what I'm doing. If I can barely remember to get my oil changed how could I possibly own a house? If it really does take 3+ years to actually make money from owning your own business how will I feel like I'm ever meeting my partner half way?
And then I get swamped with the absurd standards that society has put on everyone and I just wish I could somehow break the mold. Then reality hits and I realize that no matter what I still need to make money if I want to give it away. And I still need to have unconditional love to everyone if I seriously think this world needs changing.

 And then I take a break. A read a beautiful cook book, drink a nice hot cup of coffee and let my hands make something that wasn't a thing before. I let my mind calm down and it starts to fill up with much more important things like what each individual in Haiti must be feeling right now. How the pup I'm watching didn't have a home a week ago. And how millions of children are without a home or even a meal right now as I'm cozied up with everything I could ever truly need. Then I become thankful. Thankful to have everything that I do, yes of course. But also for the trials and hardships I face each day as I learn how to handle these responsibilities and how I plan to make a difference in this world. You can only build muscle from tearing and healing. There's been a lot of tear lately. But I can hope that my healing will be able to bring others their healing down the road and through the process as well.
Be thankful friends.