NewHumans is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!! And we have lots of exciting news!

Today is the day friends!! At 5pm NewHumans will be OFFICIALLY OPEN!! 

I can't wait to show you all the cozy pieces I've made and the inspiration behind each one. But more importantly I can't wait to see where our mission takes us! Today I want to share with you some of the standards that NewHumans has in place.

Our Mindset: A New Way to Shop, Think & Live.
Our Mission: To Put Others Needs Before Our Own.

Our Standards:
• We will always give 20% or more back into communities around the world that are suffering and support other projects, non-profits and organizations that give back with every purchase from the NewHumans brand.

• We will devote ourselves to intentional craftsmanship, producing only the best quality items made with care, practicality and purpose. 

• We will support like minded small businesses, artists and hand makers locally and around the world by highlighting them on social media, here on the blog and investing in their products.


This Christmas season, from today until December 31st we will be using funds from our sales to buy farm animals for a village who's suffering from a lack of income and nutrition. Just five ducks could provide a family with enough income to send their children to school. Let's give them a farm!


For the year of 2017 we plan to take a portion of our 20% giving guarantee and put it right back into the NewHumans brand. We dream of a place where you can go to shop for anything and no matter what you buy it's giving back in some way. If we are going to really change the way we Shop, Think and Live we will need a place that will highlight all the small businesses, artists and hand makers who are using their time and talents to make a difference. And that the place we need to be doing our shopping. We are starting with hand crafted knitwear but this future website is really the goal of the NewHumans brand. 

There's a new way of doing things, folks. And we are so excited that you're a part of this mission!

It's a new day!

Come visit the shop!!