My Favorite Reusable Cup! The KeepCup!

It's Earth Day! So I am going to write about the best reusable cup I have ever found! It's the KeepCup! You will love this cup too. Why? Because it saves you money, waste, nausea, time, paper and GAS! That's right! Gas! Allow me to explain! 

It saves you money? Yes!
If you are someone who works then you probably wear clothes. Most of us do. And if you are one of those people who wears clothes AND drinks coffee then you probably have spilled coffee on your clothes at least once. Most of us about 217 times a year.
But not with THIS cup! This cup has never, ever, EVER(!!!) spilled on me before! I know. It's crazy. So instead of purchasing a new suit, dress, or sweater every time this happens I highly recommend just buying this cup and skip the hassle of buying new cloths all the time. Did you know that the average American woman spends around $60 dollars on clothes each month? Did you know that the average American throws away about 65 pounds of clothing each per year? That's around 14 million pounds of clothing and textile waste per year. 
Did you know for even less than $60 you can gift a hungry family all the tools they need to start a garden to feed their community? Hashtag Priorities, right?
Check these out!

So that basically answers the next pro which is waste. It's obvious that using reusable cups is they way to go. Here's a few more statistics to remind you of the problem that it is though.

Look at all the perspective we are getting here too people!

Nausea. I don't have statistics on this. And I'm not sure I've actually ever had a conversation about this with anyone so...let's start this conversation with the internet! That's safe right? So. Stainless steel cups. I do not have the love in my heart for them. They tend to pick up a smell that never seems to leave. I feel also like I can never get them clean! And it tastes weird! Maybe it's just me but no thank you sir! 
One more thing about nausea! (sorry if this upsets you btw) I know it's super cool to be obsessed with coffee. I know, I used to have something about coffee in my Instagram bio too. But too much coffee isn't that great for some of us. I hear people say they are addicted to coffee and it's probably actually true. But I personally think it's silly. I prefer sleeping than drinking that much coffee. The safe amount of coffee for an adult to drink per day is apparently 4 cups. Thats 32oz. More than I thought but I think maybe I'm just sensitive to it. My personal safe rage is 16oz which is the size of my cup. Here's some more on this.

Time. This cup saves me time. It's such a great size. It fits so well in the cabinet and in any cup holder. That's a big deal to me! It's the little things like having one hand to drive, or having cups that are too tall(so you have to lay them on their side in on the shelf and then they fall on you when you open the door) that add unnecessary wasted time throughout the day and often what eventually makes us lose our temper on our bad days. Stress!

I'll add the last to together. Paper and Gas. 
We already talked about spillage and cup holders but hear me out.
Have you ever been late to work, church, class and knew you wouldn't be able to get through without coffee? But when you open the cabinet you can't find your favorite travel cup?
You realize that it's not clean, or it's in the car, or you left it upstairs because you love it so much and you just had to have your bedtime tea in it and you keep forgetting to bring it back down? So you grab the Disney 2007 cup. You pick up any lid you can find. Luckily the third one fits, although it doesn't go with it. You pour your coffee and hit the road. Oh boy, Mickey! It's too big for the cup holder! You gently place it in between your legs, and hit the road. You're driving along, minute has passed. Chip and Dale decide to dart out in front of you, or you it a pot hole, or, and this is my personal favorite, you simply attempt to drink it. 
Coffee. Everywhere. All over your clothes, your car, your feelings. You pull over because you're getting more and more injured by the second and you'd rather not die. If you're smart you already have paper towels on hand. But you're not smart. You decide to go to Walmart to buy some. Wait. That's not smart either. If you just had a cup that would fit in the cup holder you'd never need paper towels in the car. But you may just decide to go home to clean up. If you really don't like wasting gas you just show up to work with coffee all over you. 
At THIS point you're so tired of reading this blog post that you've taken a break to follow my advice to purge your closet. Well now you don't have back up clothes in your car now so you really should have just gone out and gotten that cup. 

The reason I say all of these scenarios is because it's so real life. At least for me. And I don't want to just talk up this cup like it's the greatest thing ever...but think about how much you just read about a stupid little object! I'm realizing more and more everyday that finding products you believe in, that don't cause issues or frustration, but actually serve their purpose really makes a huge difference. I seriously only use this cup and I haven't had one problem with it. What if everything we owned didn't have a problem with it? I know that's impossible but I think it's a good idea to start sharing the little helpful things we learn about with people because they do make a difference!

Here is one more great thing about this cup. It's dishwasher AND microwave safe! Whaaaat? For like the first time ever! 
The only downside to this cup? It get a little hot depending on the temperature of the drink. But I've always been able to hold it fine no matter what. And I like my coffee hoooot!

So if you're looking for a good coffee cup to eliminate even just one little ounce of stress this one is for you! You're welcome!

Now can someone say the same praise about a water bottle? Cause I'm struggling.