Cassidy & Luke Engagement

I've known Luke for such a long time but we really became friends in high school. I lived in Goochland at the time and my family had a great property for hosting BBQ's, movie nights, game nights, breakfast-for-dinner nights and so on. Really any excuse we could make to have people over and cook dinner was an opportunity to jump on. My mom with her passion for cooking and serving people was always up for these get togethers as well. And if a good time and a plate of food was there, Luke seemed to be there too. 

But more than anything our property had acres and Luke had a landscaping business. For years he would come mow our lawn, for hours he would weed eat around the perimeters, and for so many meals he would come inside to eat lunch with my family. 

Some people act like guests and that's great. But some people act like family and they are family. 
People like Luke know who their people are and that's an amazing gift. So it was when he met his soon-to-be wife, Cassidy.

I hadn't met Cassidy until we all got to Pony Pasture for their engagement shoot but I knew right away how insanely perfect they are for each other. 
Let's face it guys, having your photos taken is vulnerable and abnormal to your daily life. It's naturally un-natural. But these two absolutely crushed it!
And that's all because of how in love they are! When you find your person, as cheesy as it is, your home really is wherever they are. 

Luke and Cassidy, I am SO stinkin' happy for the two of you! Your love is inspiring and contagious, and I am just so honored that you would allow me to capture that love! 

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Richmond Virginia Pony Pasture Engagement Luke and Cassidy
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