A Thing for Green

Green. Natures richest color. The color of life. The color of the biggest mountains and the smallest insects. Green says it's your turn to go. Green means loving the earth. Greens are vital to your health and well being weather thats a plate of salad or a hike in the woods. Green is fresh air. Green is the color of my favorite set of mugs with farm animals painted inside of them. Green is the bumpy plastic platform that the husband uses to build lego models. Green is the backdrop that actors stand in front of, often to be replaced by other green backdrops. Green is the corners of a box of crayons. Green is my favorite yarn that I have to order special because it's "not sold in stores". Green are the eyes of only 2% of the world. Green has a way of pushing back up through cement because it was made to grow and nothing can stop it. Green smells like Christmas trees in the winter. Green smells like key lime pie in the summer. Green is wealth, but in a million ways more than just money. Green is tropical. Green is woody. Green is Mike Wazowski! Green is emeralds. Green means growing. Green is lucky. Green is Gods gift. Green is life. Life is green. Green has become a signature in my photography aesthetic. And I've become a little obsessed. 

Someone recently asked me why I don't have a studio to shoot in. I simply explained how I have an entire world to shoot in. And I find it to bring the most beautiful results.

Here are some of my favorite portraits in green!