Know what's crazy? The ways we reconnect with people from the past. 
This is Aino, my latest senior, and a childhood pal. Aino and I were both homeschooled and when we were tiny lil munchkins we were in a community bible study together. We have about a three year age gap between us and naturally lost touch as kids once Tuesday morning bible study had ended for us. Me(and my twin) being the youngest of our siblings, and Aino being the oldest of hers, both our families had to focus on different stages of life; my older sister going to collage and Aino's family having more children! 
All good things. Though I'm much happier now because recently I reconnected with Aino on social media and when I figured out that she was a senior and she figured out I am a senior photographer, well things just got rollin! It's kinda funny because we were never super great pals as kids. We were just in the same group of children learning about Jesus and would occasionally go to McDonalds for lunch with everyone afterward. 
But I can't tell you how much fun I had on Saturday getting to know her again! Our personalities went hand-in-hand so well. Her love for the ocean as well as the mountains, wild flowers, simplicity, laughter, coffee and pizza mixed with my same love for all of those, topped with a passion for documenting special people like this one made for the most wonderful day! Although she doesn't have a passion for dogs yet(she says that she's working on it) and while I've always dreamed of, but never tried, getting into board sports I think we could make some more magic happen for each other. ;) 

Aino you are beautiful.