I cannot believe this kid. His senior shoot was crazy fun! And I've never laughed so hard while editing a shoot before. Ever. We met to ride together towards "Midtown"(cause apparently we are supposed to call it that) and it started down pouring the minute we hit the road. We decided to take a couple of shots in Scott's Addition while it was still raining and when Ben opened the passenger door he cut his finger on the handle where the chrome plastic covering is peeling off(I promise I will get that fixed guys). He wrapped a napkin around the cut and we started taking photos when the rain died down. He immediately started being himself-a complete goofball-and the fun started. Until his finger just did not stop bleeding! So we went to CVS to get some bandaids, and he picked out a blue lightsaber bandaid that I think went really well with his outfits he chose.

So! Back to the session! Once wounds were sealed we headed back to Scott's and really started the session. At this point the sun was fully shining and we were in Senior Portrait mode!
Literally every other frame was Ben goofing off and I honestly probably missed out on some golden shot because I was laughing too hard. One minute he's channeling Andrew Garfield like a stud and the next he's dabbing and whipping and nae nae-ing all over the place.
You'll notice tons of frames where Ben is in the air...I told him to "straighten your head" and he immediately just jumped up into the air and kicked his feet out! Like who are you Ben? Lol! And he just kept on doing it and it was amazing! Every single time I said to straighten his head he jumped up as if I payed him to!

But if we can take a moment to be serious(but not too long Ben, don't worry) this guy is such a strong believer in life, friendship, honesty, and most importantly he loves Jesus with his entire being and you can see it in everything he does. 
I'm honored to know you Ben! You're so rad and fun and joyful and inspiring!
I hope your years at Virginia Tech bring you the best memories. You deserve it!