Cana | James River High School Class of 2018 | Midlothian, VA

I can't tell you how much fun I had taking Cana's senior pictures in the Fall! Maybe it's because she laughed at all of my insanely bad jokes, but this gal is such a joy to be around. Spend 15 minutes with her and you can see how loyal she is to her friends(whether that be her human friends or the 90's sitcom "Friends"), her pursuits and her beliefs. I love seeing that in young women. She's got a beauty that's unlimited and a smile that is contagious.

We started her senior portrait shoot at a greenhouse in Midlothian, and continued to explore around the Coal Mine Park area. We found a lot of great little nooks and crannies to make some beautiful images in. Cana is a natural in front of the camera, and I think we got a gorgeous collection of senior pictures for her and her family to add to their image legacy.

Cana is graduating from James River High School with the class of 2018. And she is headed towards greatness. Also today is her birthday(HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANA)!!