I met Dharaa at the Rising Tide Society's first Creative Marketplace event. I was a vendor selling my knits and she was helping out her friend run her pottery booth when she needed to leave a bit early...But I didn't know this at the time.
Once the event was over the vendors all got a chance to walk around and visit each others booths. When I got to Birds at Noon pottery Dharaa greeted me with the biggest smile and the firmest hand shake! I remember stopping to look around to compare how old she looked to everyone else. Like who is this young, vibrant chick who's so pumped on life when everyone else looks so exhausted? Needless to say, it got my attention and we talked for quite a bit. 

Dharaa was the number one connection I got from that entire event and I'm so glad she was. Since then she has modeled for me and now I get to show off her insane beauty with her senior photos! But more than that she's just an amazing person to know. 

Dharaa, you are a joy to be around! You're a friend from the beginning, you are one with nature, you are honest and kind, you are original and so stylish, and you WILL be the next Disney princess. I love you kid! You rock the rest of your senior year kid!