I am SO excited guys!!!

As you may know I am working on an online shop for my knitting that I'm hoping to have up and running by October. My shop will be called "NewHumans" which was inspired by the song/album "New Way to be Human" by Switchfoot. The song talks about trends and inspiration and what we honestly are living for these days. Comparison, envy, wealth, hatred, chaos, and just plain badness tend to dominate our souls on a regular basis. From the eye rolling of your 8 year old to, well, whatever attack in the world is most current, because it's honestly starting to get hard to tell, these are the things that we are becoming normal to us.

But we can't afford to live this way. People are literally bragging about how busy they are or just acting like everything is good when everything is not. The song I mentioned gives the hope that there could be a whole new way of doing things. An entirely new way to look at life and live with the bigger and better intentions. After all, we could be dead any day by all sorts of causes. Also, why is no one thinking this way anymore?
You will change your child's life by giving them discipline right now. So do what it takes to spend that time with them.
It takes so much emotional energy to always talk negative. So why on earth beat yourself down like that? You'll never be happy.
Don't want to be in debt? You don't really need those new clothes do you. And you don't have to always eat out just to be social. 

There is ALWAYS a way out. Always a better way of doing things. And once you start making those changes you'll start to realize that there is a whole New Way to be Human. Well that's what I got from the song anyways.

So I've been knitting since I was 7 or 8. I taught myself. I believe it was an ability that God had already engraved into my heart. And those abilities, the things that are second nature to you and that you know you will always want to use? I think it's time to start using those gifts in an entirely new way. So for me it's knitting and photography. And my shop will be a part of my doing what I love for a LIVING and for GIVING. 

This week I had a bittersweet moment. My sponsorship with my World Vision child ended. I was immediately saddened when I got the email. But then almost as instantly as the sadness came the joy. Because the end of my sponsorship meant that Hauran and his little village in India no longer NEEDED my help! Can I get an AMEN?! They are doing really well on their own now! A village once poor is now capable of living comfortably because enough people decided that $35 bucks a month seemed reasonable enough to change an entire village! That blouse doesn't look so good on you anymore does it?
NewHumans. Hauran and his village are now NEW HUMANS because of other people who decided to become NEW HUMANS!

Isn't this a wonderful concept?!


With each hand knit item you purchase at least 10% of profits will be used to bless people just like Hauran and my new little sponsor child, Deva! 

But thats not all!!

I'm doing the EXACT same thing with my PHOTOSHOOTS!! 

Why?? BECAUSE THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE!! Clothes, food, cars, photoshoots, clean air, traveling and medicine are all LUXURIES!  And these things are not wrong to have or even desire. I believe I was created to use my own creativity through photography and knitting. But we consume these things without even thinking of others who don't always get a chance with them. It's time to stop being so selfish. 

So where exactly will this money from NewHumans knitwear and Shannon Pierce Photography be going? Watch this video below of a fellow creative/photographer making that same dream come true to find out.


I've thought long and hard about where to give to. I've been following Jeremy for some time now and heard about this hotel right away. I knew I wanted to give to it but didn't think I myself would make that much of a dent. Then when I received my letter about Hauran I realized that it wasn't me. It was my obedience to God and to the moral of simply doing what it right. 

God. Remember him? Remember how he's in control? Remember how mighty and powerful and wonderful and brilliant he is? Remember how we are only here because of him in the first place? 

For the Lord, for his people AND for ourselves. Let's do this!

Dream big friends.