Happy New-School-Year!!!

All the back to school pics on Facebook!! It's so much fun to see how kids have grown and the side by side pics of toddlers who are now SENIORS!! So crazy!! 

For me social media can be super annoying with opinions on opinions, topics you just can't seem to get away from and, as a small business owner the pressure to try and post quality content on a schedule that you're supposed to figure out works for your followers, and even more "rules" that all of us trying to make it in this entrepreneur game feel like we will never catch up to.. It's a lot of pressure and stress. 

But I like today. So many not-so-great quality photos of kids of all ages headed back to school marking yet another year of accomplishments and physical and personal growth. It's not about how beautiful the photo was. What your kid picked out to wear. Or even what grade they are entering into today. It's about the person in the photo. The bright and brilliant soul. It's about them as individuals, they're achievements and growth. Where they have gone and where they are going. A little snapshot of the here and now, past and future, to freeze this moment of an individual who is growing so much. We admire these people in our lives and we are proud of them. And I love to see each one of these photos and take the time to really look at each kid and imagine how they will impact the world. The photo might not be all that great. But the content is invaluable. Because the content is a miraculous human being setting off to take on another year of trials, relationships and education. And that's something to take pride in. 

So congratulations to everyone starting a new school year!! You're amazing and you're going to kill it!!