Oh little Pumpkin.. 
I was so excited when I walked into our new small group for the first time because I didn't know there was going to be a dog. And my heart always has room for dogs. I guess I was a bit nervous to walk into an apartment full of people I've never laid eyes on before. But when that door opened I was immediately greeted by the most precious little pup. That alone broke the ice and we were buddies from the start. You made the room so light and easy going. I wish that didn't have to end so soon..

Pumpkin was about four years old when he got stomach cancer. Thomas and I had just joined a marriage enrichment group weeks before a couple in our group, his owners, found out about his cancer. Though I didn't get to know him as long as I would have liked, and his "giants", as the couple liked to explain from Pumpkins perspective, didn't get to have him around for nearly as long as they were expecting, he brought so much happiness to his family and to our little group.
You see, Pumpkin was adopted after both spouces conquered cancer themselves when a little bundle of joy and happiness was much needed in that time for them.
One thing I love about dogs is their love and loyalty. They can make mistakes and disobey, sure, but they will always be by your side and they will always love you. And in ways humans will continually fail, for some reason, dogs have that ability to look past your flaws and love you so unconditionally. I believe that the right dogs come into your life at the right time. As for Pumpkin, though his time here was so short, he was placed in this family when love and loyalty was maybe the only medicine that was going to heal them the most. 

Now you may be asking why would you choose to document part of a dogs last day on earth?Read the paragraphs above once more. This dog, and so many others, deserve to be highlighted. Though it was the toughest shoot I've done to date these photos remind me of how loyal dogs are, and how they will be to the very bitter end. 

We miss you Pumpkin. So much. Our lives are better becuase of the time we had with you. 

IMG_8326 - Version 2.jpg

Animals hold a very special place in my heart. If you'd like your dog, or any other pet to be photographed for any reason please get in touch with me. Now go and love on your animal. Give them a big kiss and learn to love unconditionally just like they love you. I think that would make the world a little bit better, don't you?