Brenna! What a beaut. I just love this gal. She's three years younger than me, we are in completely different stages of life which means we might not always relate to each other but she will always be such a dear friend because of the little sweet things that any pair of buds can do to enjoy each others company. A normal day in the life of Shan and Bren would include coffee and scones from WholeFoods, either eaten there or taken back home to share under blanket and watch(never) too much Gilmore Girls. She enjoys the little things in life, would rather read a book than go shopping and doesn't waste her time with people who want to waste her time. One of my favorite things about Brenna is her sense of humor. Tell her the absolute worst and dumbest jokes and she cracks. up. Like splits down the middle she will laugh so hard. I do miss this. Ever since I got married we haven't seen quite as much of each other anymore. Still, every time we meet we pick up right where we left off. She's just that kind of lady.
Brenna is a friend for life.
Plus look at her, she's beautiful!


My main man, David Tran! 
This guy though! What a model. This has to be one of my favorite shoots to date. 

David works at the VMFA(Virginia Museum of Fine Arts). It's such a beautiful, modern, artistic place. So naturally we took the mission to shoot his senior portraits there withought running into any coworkers. We just barely failed that mission... But with an artistic guy, me and my hopes of making art from my mind to my camera, I think we got some real winners. 

We went out at golden hour so the light was magnificent. Painters had their easels out, friends enjoyed dinner together, and dogs walked their owners. It was such a beautiful evening. 
And I got to spend it with an energetic, down to earth, hype on life, Jesus adoring, goofball, and we had a blast I tell you!

David is seriously one of the best guys I know. He works so hard but with such a serving attitude all the time. That is such a rare thing these days. He is a friend to everybody. I've never heard him say one bad thing about someone. He is always lifting people up which is a direct result of his relationship with Jesus. I just love that so much!

Even with a desire to make the most out of life by being with his friends and family as much as he can, he told me something that kind of blew me away. He skipped his senior homecoming....Like what? But he explained to me that he's never positively influenced at events like that and thought his time would be better spent that evening in a low key setting. That. Is what I'm talking about. How mature is that? This stuff is what makes him so cool and unique. He marches to the beat of his own drum. I love this guy. David wins!

Now! Check out his senior photos!

Sometimes I have my clients lay on their face to wrap up their shoot.
I like those kinds of clients.