Slow Fashion=Pie Blouse

So I was in Goodwill last night looking for a jacket and I was kinda struck with how many things from Target I found. And not just from Target but items that I saw brand new in my local Target only months ago...
I don't have a ton of time to write at the moment but this whole fast fashion and consumerism brainwash is definitely on my radar and something that needs to be on absolutely everyone's radar. 
I wish I had more time to explain how strongly I feel, and I'll hopefully get around to blogging more about it, but for now(and I know I could have drafted this post, but this needs to be urgent) I'll leave this here in hopes that you would take a portion of your day to ponder all this. 

I've just found this blog today. Please read this about page.

And even better, watch the documentary titled "The True Cost" on Netflix. 

And to wrap all of this up, here is the cutest blouse I found with pies all over it. Yes. PIES. ALL. OVER. IT. Know what I love about this shirt? It has pies all over it. But what I also love is that it was $2.50, it's vintage and still in great shape(you'll notice a love of brands like Target and Forever 21 end up in secondhand stores ripped and tarnished. Why? Watch The True Cost to find out), AND nobody else will be able to wear this exact shirt because nobody else can! It's time to slow down fashion in my opinion.