The Purpose Hotel

Today I want to share more in depth about The Purpose Hotel and what it means to me. 
I'm sure by now you've seen me talk about it on all platforms of social media and many of you in person. But if you haven't gotten the scoop here's the gist!

The Purpose Hotel is a brand new hotel chain where you will "change the world in your sleep".
Every room will sponsor a child. The hand sewn bedspreads will be giving many women around the world the ability to provide for their families. The maids and room service will leave a card in your room that tells you their individual stories so that you don't just see them as workers but actual human beings. The cost for faster internet will go to beat human trafficking. The art throughout the hotel will original pieces by artists all over the world. There will be a well in the lobby where all of the wishing coins will go to dig wells for people who don't have clean water. And this is just the beginning!!


I have a strong belief that we desperately need to start utilizing each of our unique gifts for what matter most. The Purpose Hotel is doing just that and I know it's going to change the world.

I'm excited to be using my gifts to play even just a tiny part in this life changing project!
If you haven't heard yet I am running a Summer Special where every penny from a shoot will go directly to The Purpose Hotel Kickstarter campaign. Of course the Summer is almost over so I do NOT want you to miss out on this opportunity to give back with me!

This special offer will end ONE WEEK from today! That's September 2nd! This counts for my all inclusive Senior Session and family sessions! 

If you don't want a shoot out of it you still need to give to this project, because it's not just a project. It's a mission. And it's vital to the future of the entire world! Can you tell I'm passionate about this??
Just $75 will make you a cofounder of the hotel and a portrait of yourself will be on a lobby wall in EVERY Purpose Hotel ever!! Please don't just see this as another "opportunity to give". This is a mission that requires EVERYONE who believes in Justice, what is Right and what is Good to ACTUALLY ACT and start being that person who really lives for what they believe. Because this is a really GOOD thing that we are about to do!

Here is even more info on the mission and where to give immediately!