Shannon Pierce Richmond, VA Senior and Lifestyle Photographer
Shannon and husband Thomas Pierce
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Your Life.
Your existence. Your individuality. Your quirks and looks. Your ideas and dreams. Your health. How you take each day into your own hands. Your spirituality.

Your Love.
Your people. Your taste buds. How you spend your down time. Where you go on the weekend. The causes you believe in. The way you show that you care. The way you think about yourself. The moment when your belly tingles after seeing a dog. Your joy. Your family.

Your Legacy.
The way your life and love gets left behind.

The truth is that we only have this one life. How are you going to live it to the fullest? Who will you spend it with? Will you pursue your passions?
And do you believe that it’s all worth documenting?

I do.
Because there’s only one chance.

One chance to remember how…
-You and your twin used to fit inside of a swing together
-How beautiful your mother was when she was your age, sitting next to her mother and grandmother, who both passed before you got to know them
-How the first photo with your grandfather compares with the last one. Not knowing that your wedding day would be the last time you would exchange “I love you”s
-Your young father sitting on top of the car took him to all the places you’ve heard about in his stories
-The photographs taken of you and your spouse each year of marriage let you see how far you’ve come, and how you’ve grown since purchasing a major fixer upper house
-To remember in great detail how soft, squishy, and precious your goofy little hound dogs were
-How your family has lost, and how it has gained

This is an invaluable time in your life. Because you cannot get right now back.

It’s why I’ve followed my passion for art and photography. I absolutely love to create photographs.
But it’s my career because I believe that this service in invaluable to you.
Your Life, Your Love, and Your Legacy, Depends on it.

This is it. Right now. Let’s get started!