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T H I S I S I T .

YOASO! You’re Only A Senior ONCE!

Your last year as a kid. Your first year as an adult. All in one. Things are about to happen. Huge things.

Your senior year is one of the most important, exciting and bitter-sweet years you'll ever have. And unfortunately it will go by so quickly. But you don't deserve that. You're in the midst of chaos and you're under so much pressure. Your time doesn't seem to be your own. I get it. It hasn't been too long since I was a senior and it was indeed one of, if not THE most important year of my life(which you can read about here, My Biggest Regret as a High School Senior). 

I made a huge mistake not having my senior portraits taken.
This is a year you need to highlight, make memories, have FUN and, most importantly, remember!

We are going to go to the places that make you feel inspired and alive.
We are going to style your outfits to make you look and feel awesome.
We are going to capture you, the serious, the beautiful and the quirky.
We are going to make artistic photographs out of YOU and where you are right here and now, in your senior year.
We are going to have FUN!!!