I had so. much. fun. doing this shoot. Cara asked me if I could help her build a modeling portfolio. But I think she just wanted to make me look good for once! Seriously this gal has skills! She's so natural and comfortable in front of the camera. 

Rachel Jones got with us and did Cara's hair and make up. And let me tell you she was stuuuning! Rachel does a fantastic job with this and I probably tell her 2,691,572 times a week to start a business out of this because she is just that talented. My go-to gal. Plus she is so much fun to be around!
Both of them are! We had a blast together, and I lost count of how many times we shouted "SLAYED. IT." during the shoot. I think we weren't breathing most of the time. 

The three of us(ahem, the Dream Team) are planning Cara's next shoot which will turn her into a...wait for it...a BRIDE! Yes a bride! A bride! A bride! A bride! And I can't wait! 

I am so equally excited to see where this takes Cara and Rachel as they both gain experience towards turning their passions into careers. And hey let's through my name on that list! These ladies teach me so much and I felt strengthend by this shoot. 

Until next time enjoy these beautiful photos of the talented Cara Pottle and Rachel Jones!